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Mobile Website Design

Is your website mobile friendly? With the growth of wireless mobile devices your mobile web presence should be a priority for your competitive advantage.
  • By 2013, more people will use mobile phones than PCs to get online
  • Mobile searches have grown by 400 percent since 2010
  • 70 percent of users expect mobile sites to load as fast as a desktop site

Mobile users are: accessing the internet through less sophisticated devices, often at a slower speed of connectivity, than traditional internet users. Statistically they also tend toward being less patient and forgiving with regards to their online browsing practices. Thus websites that do not load properly or are difficult to navigate on mobile devices are extremely likely to be disregarded and abandoned almost immediately, leaving a large percentage of users unfulfilled.

Why mobile design?

Simply put, mobile websites are in high demand. Mobile web users constitute a gigantic market, which continues to expand at a healthy rate, as the marketplace becomes increasingly saturated with portable and wireless devices. Developing a mobile website that will be compatible with mobile browsers and operating systems, and can be deployed across an array of devices has great potential to prove expedient in both the short and long term.

Mobile Web Design Practices

AT E-vantage simplicity is the key principle driving our mobile website design enterprises. We adhere to proven successful mobile design methods and practices to produce a finished product that is not only lightweight and fast, but also promotes easy navigation, which creates an easier and more rewarding browsing experience for users. This minimalistic approach works by incorporating only the most engaging, informative, and important elements, while including several prominent calls to action. Remember: the goal of a mobile website is simply to broaden the extents of communication and reach the largest possible audience.