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It’s competitive out there. We all know that. You need a strategy to enable you to put your website above the others. There are billions of searches done online every month – this gives you potentially unlimited opportunities. In order to maximize this potential and gain that edged over your competitors, it’s critical to have a high keyword ranking in the search engines. 

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the means to obtaining that high ranking. How is that achieved? Content is the primary means. Compelling content that incorporates targeted keywords and phrases will result in a higher ranking. The goal is to have your website rank in the top ten for relevant keywords. Subsequently this increases the amount of traffic to your site, and ultimately conversions, or visitors to customers.      

Our Approach
At E-Vantage Internet Marketing we are experts in achieving SEO. Our proven method involves:
  • determining or benchmarking your current rating;
  • looking at and analyzing your competition;
  • researching and determining what the relevant keywords and phrases are for your website;
  • developing strong content and reviewing it with you;
  • posting the content to your website and resubmitting the site to major search engines;
  • conducting another web traffic analysis; and
  • submitting monthly reports to you which chart your site’s progress.

E-Vantage Internet Marketing will ensure that your site has the content necessary to position your website with a high search engine ranking. We do this by making it more relevant than your competitor’s. 

You can feel confident that when our staff at E-Vantage Internet Marketing has implemented your SEO campaign, your website will see a dramatic increase in new leads. Our dedication, experience, and track record will make your SEO campaign successful and profitable.